Strory book from members of the former Ford & Fordson Club Netherlands.


Pascal Kolk 09-19-2016

Going Dutch

A PFD article by Pascal published in the Blue Force Heritage magazine of the Blue Force Club about the Ford and Fordson plough day at Lopik and the FFCN's combined event with the OTMV, LNC and FFA. In addition, some photos under the name Fun Force.

ps. Unfortunately the editor has not copied the author's texts with the right photos, so that for example the text on the Ford 1186 is not correct.


Klaas Huisman 02-20-2012

The history of the Ford tractor.

A PFD document with origin:


Adrie Degenkamp 01-17-2011

What a reader thinks?

The first Fordson F came to us immediately after the war and then the E27N. And this has been replaced by the Fordson Dearborn. Ford dealer Roeleveld delivered the first to us.

The Fordson F was equipped with a plough. My father already won a first prize with that one.

After the war, the tractor ploughed a lot (tear up subsidy), sowed and tilled the soil. Due to changing of business operations from arable farming to fruit growing, the Dearborn made way for the Fordson Dexta narrow gauge. After that there have been some other tractors. By 1993 we started collecting old-timer tractors.

A friend made me curious and suggested I go with the tractors to events. I had often been watching so it seems a good idea.

My preference is for old agriculture. So a Fordson Super Major with a Ransomes TS 59 was purchased first. More followed.

By 1997 I started to participate in plough matches with varying results. I'm kind of impatient. In 2000 I participated in the European ploughing contest at Kent, England. In the meantime, both my sons have started to plough and we have already participated in many competitions. And of course with Fordsons.

I sometimes switch combinations. For example a Dexta with a Kverneland plough or a Major with a Kverneland, a Dexta with a Kyllingstad, a Fordson Super Major with a Mc Cormick trailed plough, a Fordson N with a Mc Cormick trailed plough Littel Genius. Now I plan to plough with a Fordson N and a Ransomes trailed plough.

I will soon receive an invitation from the Ford & Fordson Association to start ploughing in England. My plan is to go with the N with a trailed plough.

We also own 2 small threshing machines that we also work with on harvest day's events.

The 10th Historical Festival of the Foundation “History Revives in the Vecht region” is on August 12-13-14, 2011 in Vreeland. There we go threshing again.

With kind regards, A. Degenkamp


Piet Bos 12-07-2010

Dear people,

Here you will find 2 pictures of an old-timer plough adventure at the polder of Hazerswoude, last November. The plot to be ploughed is located next to the exit / entrance of the 7 km underground HSL tunnel. The Amsterdam-Paris line. The "Fast" train travellers on their way to Rotterdam or perhaps Paris stared in utter amazement, as if they were in the 7 km. long tunnel had entered a time machine. In a "Flashback" they looked at me and the good old Fordson when they surfaced again in the 1950s.
Now I must honestly admit that it was also more than 50 years ago for me that after school and doing homework fast, I quickly started the Fordson (then still on petrol) and quickly ploughed half a hectare on the 2nd plot. You get it, farmer's son who did the MULO.
The thrill of this old-timer plough adventure is that after all these years I was able to relive it with the same Fordson (bought back from my brother ten years ago) and with the Mc.Cormick trailed plough.
Because it was a celebration of recognition. Due to the dredging and the heavy November showers, but also wonderfully sunny autumn weather, I could, if it suited me a bit, "turn over" a total of 5.8 hectares. Lots of time to think and so to speak remembered in the heavy clay (also none as Cat clay") and places where you could " Sag " quickly. Nothing changed in all those years.

Here some more specifications.

Fordson Major, originally petroleum. Delivery date: November 1953. Serial number: 1241881. In 1963 I changed the engine for a Super Major diesel engine myself and mounted a lifting device on it.

After the Fordson Major had this plough experience, I had to install new piston rings. It starts badly, (cold) as if it means to me non-verbally, "Please don't do this heavy work again"

The plough is a Mc.Cormick trailed plough. Year of construction: 1954. Also from our parental farm.
After proven services, this plough has been rusting for twenty year in a garden, with one wheel in the ditch as "Historic Agricultural Art Object". In 2005 I was barely able to risqué him from the scrape yard and give it a new home in a familiar environment. I sacrificed a number of summer evenings in August to spray moving parts with WD 40 and work the big hammer with the torch and expert welding of friend Jan, and thus made everything working again.

The "Ploughing Farmer" is a war product. Year of construction: 1944. And since last year, a retired Peugeot car dealer.

I still have a series of photos taken by all curious admirers.

Greetings, Piet Bos